Sandy Wise

All Christian Cruises has been offering Christian Singles cruises for over a decade, and we have found that everybody has a story. Whether you want to share yours or just glean from others, you will be blessed by the fellowship and insight from the leader, Sandy Wise.
Sandy has been coordinating and leading our Christian singles cruises along with others for many years. She had been co-leading these cruises with her husband Donald before he went to heaven in February 2016.

While Sandy deeply misses her husband, she will be the first to tell you that God truly has met her needs far more than she would ever have imagined. As she walked through the journey of cancer with her husband and learned to live on this planet without him, her slogan was CHOOSE JOY and she has lived it out so beautifully. 

For 2018, her vision was CHOOSE PEACE. She posted the following on her Facebook page December 31, 2017 – “Donald walked a peace that truly passes all understanding in his journey of cancer. I looked up the word-peace-and it said a freedom from___________…….(you fill in the blank). Donald lived with a freedom. He knew God had his back! As I walk this journey of widowhood….my prayer is for peace….a peace that passes all understanding…..a freedom….and to be used by God to show others that peace they can experience as well. A peace that is a choice—just like joy!” In 2019 and into 2020 her journey continues. This cruise has a special purpose and vision.

We are calling all widows to gather together in one accord, share their journey (if they want to) and fellowship with others who have shared a similar experience.